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How to get rid of woodpeckers permanently?

Although they look attractive to your backyard, their eating habit can be a barrier for you. They may look pretty when you saw them in your garden, but do you know they can harm your plants and trees? They seem to be more active in spring when they produce noise to attract others for matting. They can even mark their territory within your home, and once they have marked, it will be difficult to get rid of them. Use the method that can make them scary but do not use the method that can harm them. Prevent them from getting into your house by use of these following tips:

Hang up a shiny object to scare woodpeckers

Use a shiny object like a mirror or aluminum foil at the place that woodpeckers are using as a living place. These shiny objects will mislead them that another bird is already living in that area. Hang these objects where they had a direct reflection.

Use of wind chime or pinwheel

By using a wind chime or pinwheel near to their home will mislead them that there are some predators. They will feel scary, and as a result, they will leave the place immediately. Use of predators object Everyone has a predator like other woodpeckers that also have predators like an owl. You can place the owl object near to their living area once they have seen the owl; they will never return back to the place.

Use of noise

This is one of the simple and easy ways to get rid of woodpeckers. No need to buy any product you can use anything that can produce noise in high quality. Noise makes woodpeckers uncomfortable, and they feel irritating.

You can only clap loudly near to their living place; it’s enough to frighten them. Soon you will see them at the outdoor where they are saying good-bye to your home. Use of polyurethane This is basically a chemical product that you can paint outside your house to repel the insects. This also helps to repel the woodpeckers. You may do not find this product on local stores, but we assured you this is a permanent solution to get rid of woodpeckers.

Use of suet woodpecker’s feeder

They usually like to eat fruits that are sweet we would recommend you to plant them away or outside the house, or you can place the feeder near to your house. Once they have seen the feeder, they are going to use it. Once they got familiar to the feeder, start moving it away from your house. Although this method is time taking in this way, you will be able to prevent them from getting into your home. As this suet is made up of cow fat, so do not use it in the hot weather; otherwise, it will start melting, and woodpeckers may come back to your home in search of food.

Repair the holes

Repair the holes that are drilled by woodpeckers; otherwise, it can be an entry point for other insects. You can even use putty to fill these holes.

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