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How to scare geese away?

Geese are famous due to being noisy, messy, and often you may saw them aggressive too. They are adaptive to any atmosphere or place; once they have seen the grass into your home, they will invite their other friends. Once they have entered your home, it gets difficult to get rid of them. Take a look into the things what are the things that attract the geese. You can use various methods to scare them and force them to go away from your home.

What attract geese to enter into your home?

Their basic needs include shelter and food. If you have a pond, then nobody can stop them from entering your house, and they may decide to live near that pond. Anyhow you can use various techniques to scare them.

Remove the food sources.

Although it will be tough for you, this is an effective solution to keep them away. Remove all kind of bird’s feeder and wildlife feeder from you home for a short time. When they see there is no food available within the home, and they are at risk of dying, they will search for another place where they can get food.

Use grass-geese repellent

You may find a variety of repellents that you can apply after cutting the grass that helps them to keep the geese away. All of the repellent products may not found to be effective, so choose one with that is more reliable.

Use of DIY goose repellent to scare geese

This method seems to be effective in scaring the geese. Take an empty laundry detergent bottle and fill it with rocks. Take a rope and wrap around the bottle. Walkthrough geese by shaking the bottle with the help of the rope; when they will see something rotating is coming to them for sure, they are going to get scared. Use this method when you see them again in your house. You can also throw the bottle toward them but do not hurt them.

Prevent geese from nesting

Once you have seen their nesting area, remove them and place a heavy object on that place to cover the area. You can also use a heavy rock. Once they came to know their nesting place is filled with some other object, they may search for another place; at that time, you can scare them with the help of above-given techniques and force them to leave the place.

Scare them with loud noises

Do you know geese feel scared of loud noises? You can simply move your hand by shouting, but they may get aggressive and may bite you. To avoid their bite, you can use things that produce noises like a loud horn; these sounds allow them to maintain a distance from your home.

Install a swan decoy to scare geese

There is the only bird that can scare the geese, and it is sawn. Use a fake sawn into your property. They do not like to hang in such places where they have seen sawn.

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